Welcome to High School and Bridge!!


We are so glad that you have chosen our program to enhance your high school education. KDO Academy offers a variety of classes for the 7th through 12th grade student.  High School classes are geared for 9th-12th grades & Bridge classes are geared for 7th & 8th grades.  Here are a few things you will need to know. Please read carefully:

School work/Grades:

  • KDO uses JupiterEd.com to post homework assignments & grades and for communication between the teacher, student & parent.  You will receive a log-in user name and password when you are registered for classes.

  • The teachers provide the necessary homework for the student to complete each week. See class listings for credits.

  • Grades are given in percentages. The grades are based upon the students’ performance for the teacher. The teacher does not see what happens at home, so percentages are given based upon this criteria only. 

  • Parents are in charge of their student's education. The teachers teach on Thursdays, provide the homework, and grading, but the parent must facilitate the education during the week to ensure the students the best education.

  • In order to preserve our teacher's time, students may contact teachers through JupiterEd to ask questions. Any questions that require more than 15 minutes of time, must be set up as tutoring outside the classroom. The teacher sets this fee.

  • Seventh grade on up may take any classes from 7th grade and up, but they MUST have the academic and social ability. This means Bridge may take HS, and High School may take Bridge. As always, the teacher makes the final decision if the class will work for the student.










Registration Information for High School & Bridge classes:

  • A non-refundable $45 registration fee is expected per student. This must be paid to secure classes.  This registration fee includes access to JupiterEd.com, KDO's online school system which provides class rosters, weekly homework assignments, file uploads, grades, communication with the class teacher, etc.

  • A non-refundable $35 Cleaning Fee is expected per family due at Registration.

  • Families may earn back the $35 cleaning fee in tuition credits. (See Available Positions page)

  • On this site (see links above), are our Registration, Policies and Guidelines, HS Text List, and Medical Forms. 

  • Please carefully read the Policies of KDO-HS Edition to be sure you and your student are in agreement. Receipt of your registration and Guidelines to KDO Academy is your agreement to adhere to these policies and guidelines.

  • To attend class, the HS POLICY, MEDICAL, and REGISTRATION forms (listed in menu above) must all be submitted and payment received. Registration is not complete until these are received!

  • Registration is based upon a first come/first served basis.

  • For a class to be able to run, a minimum number of students are required. Please be sure that the classes you have chosen are what your student truly needs. Your decisions affect everyone. Please be kind. Do not register to just "hold a spot" until you make your home schooling decisions either.

  • ​For the first 3 classes of a full year class and the first 2 classes of a semester class, your student may drop a class (the minimum weeks must be paid for). Classes must be dropped by midnight of the 2nd class (for semester class) or 3rd class (for full year class). After the trial period, all classes are final and payment must be made for the remainder of the class session (either the full year or semester). 

  • All classes are based on final enrollment. We try to make final decisions by the end of July to allow time to purchase curriculum.

  • JupiterEd.com is the website we use to maintain class rosters, teacher communication and homework assignments.  Upon completion of Registration, the Registrar will issue you a password for the student portal and the parent portal.  You may go in there to see your student’s enrollment.



  • Tuition is made monthly in advance. If you fall two weeks behind, you must contact Administration. You will receive an e-mail reminder if you fall behind. It is your responsibility to acknowledge the e-mail and make arrangements to get your account current.

  • All tuition fees are per the class taken and are listed on the Course Descriptions page along with the number of credits each class carries.

  • Cash, money order, or bill pay checks/checks made payable to KDO Academy are accepted and can be paid at the front desk or mailed to:  KDO Academy, 2536 Eastern Blvd, Unit 131, York, PA 17402.

  • Payment is due for classes regardless of student attendance. 





  • "Mailboxes" are located in the lobby area. There are folders with family and teachers' names. This is for communication and graded class work. 

  • Please be sure to check your folder weekly.

  • Communications from the teachers are placed in your folder or through JupiterEd.com. You may contact teachers through the "mailboxes" or JupiterEd.com

  • Homework assignments will be listed on JupiterEd.com. It is the student's responsibility to check it weekly, and have the assigned homework done for class.

  • In addition to "mailboxes", we rely heavily on email communication.  You will be added to the email list upon completed Registration.  Please check your email regularly for any updates or announcements.

  • We use the REMIND text system for weather delays or emergency closings. (See the Policy & Guidelines for sign up information)


  • It takes many hands to make KDO Academy work! See Available Positions tab to see how you can help!

  • Credits are earned towards tuition when you help!


  • Students must pack a non-refrigerated lunch each week. 

  • Once a month, we offer a special lunch opportunity. This can be purchased at the front desk. Watch your e-mails! 

  • Each week, we also offer a snack cart filled with snacks and drinks.



We are looking forward to working alongside of you! Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We welcome hearing from our parents!