KDO Graduation Information

DATE: For 2021-TBA

At Genesis Church-York

Contact Information:

Marion Raub



Dear Families:


Thank you for your interest in KDO Academy’s Graduation! We want all that we do in the graduation ceremony to glorify God. Please consider the following details to get an idea of KDO’s graduation focus:


I. KDO’s graduation celebration structure includes the following elements:

A. A time of worship in music

B. A focus on the graduate through:

1. Slide show presentation representative of each graduate’s life in pictures

2. Mention of accomplishments and/or future plans

3. Presentation of the diploma to the graduate by the parents

4. “Life Board”—each graduate will put together a presentation board and use the board and tabletop to show a representation of who they are and/or what they’ve accomplished

C. Speaker: a local pastor/speaker will be chosen

D. Prayer for our graduates

E. Post-Graduation reception: After the graduation there will be a time of light refreshments that may be enjoyed with the families and guests.

II. Graduation responsibilities

A. Cost: $150 due January 

B. To register for graduation, submit a Graduation Registration form found below. Graduation will be placed on your student's schedule on JupiterEd and you will receive an invoice from the KDO Payment Coordinator. 

C. Tasks and deadlines will be communicated to the graduate and their family through JupiterEd. Many details will be consolidated by the coordinators during the school year to make the graduation ceremony a wonderful experience for all. All graduates and their families must complete tasks and assignments promptly in order to meet the graduation deadlines. 

D. Fundraising opportunity may be offered by selling business ads that will appear in the graduation’s printed program. For each business ad sold, the graduate’s family will receive 50% of the proceeds toward their graduation fees. More details to come later.

E. Please direct questions to Marion Raub, Graduation Coordinator, via email: kdograduation@gmail.com


Please prayerfully consider participating in KDO Academy’s graduation. It is a beautiful time of accomplishment and a wonderful time for families to gather and celebrate a huge milestone.


Graduation Registration will be opening soon. Please use the link to register. You will receive an invoice confirming that your student has been added to the Graduation roster. Please regularly watch your JupiterEd account for Graduation updates and task assignments to complete. 

Click here for the graduation form