Elementary Policies and Guidelines

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High School Policies and Guidelines

General Information

Participating in KDO Acdademy is both a privilege and responsibility. As a Christian organization, we strive to ensure tha biblical Christian teaching and modeling are an atttribute of our homsechool resource group. While we do realize that each family may differ in beliefs, understand we teach from a biblical Christian worldview. While none of us are perfect, we strive to apply Christian values to our daily living. Those who participate in our community are asked to respect and support KDO Academy's distinctive and Biblical standard of conduct. To be enrolled, a student must exhibit a desire to learn, positive social behavior, good moral character, and willing cooperation with teachers and administration. Enrollment is a privilege and involves mutual responsibilities and cooperation. -All classes meet every Thursday from 8:15-3:30pm. -You may register for one class, or as many as you like. Just be sure they are classes you are willing to commit to taking. Your participation may determine whether a class is able to continue or not. Please consider others in your decisions.

KDO Academy Board

Bonnie Leair (Board Director) Sandra Rohrbaugh (High School Liaison) Barb Newlin (Asst. HS Liaison) Laura Page (Elementary Liaison) Donielle Mann (Secretary, Elementary Liaison)

Discretion Policy

Participating in KDO Academy is both a privilege and a responsibility. As a Christian organization, we strive to ensure that biblical Christian teaching and modeling are an attribute of our homeschool resource group. While we do realize that each family may differ in beliefs, understand we teach from a biblical Christian worldview. While none of us are perfect, we strive to apply Christian values to our daily living. Those who participate in our community are asked to respect and support KDO Academy’s distinctive and Biblical standards of conduct. To be enrolled, a student must exhibit a desire to learn, positive social behavior, good moral character, and willing cooperation with teachers and administration. Enrollment is a privilege and involves mutual responsibilities and cooperation.

Problem Resolution Agreement

If I have any concerns, I agree to:
• Address them with the teacher first. If I feel my concern was not addressed, I will then contact a board member.
• Remember, if the Teacher or the Board is not aware of the problem, they cannot fix it.
• Per Biblical instruction from Matt. 18:15-17, go to the teacher first, then the board.
• Gossiping to other parents is not acceptable.
• Please contact a board member for any policy concerns.

Registration Information for High School & Bridge Classes

A non-refundable $60 registration fee is expected per student. This must be paid to secure classes. This registration fee includes access to JupiterEd.com, KDO's online school system which provides class rosters, weekly homework assignments, file uploads, grades, communication with the class teacher, etc. It also includes the cleaning fee, registration, and admin fees. The non-refundable Registration fee for one semester only is $30/student. Families may earn tuition credits. ( See Available Positions here) To attend class(es) the Registration and Medical forms must be submitted, the KDO-HS Policy and Guidelines must be read and agreed to and registration payment received. All required forms, including Registration and Medical Forms are found on the 'Forms' tab on the menu bar at the top of the page. Registration is based upon a first come/first served basis. For a class to be able to run, a minimum number of students are required. Please be sure that the class(es) you have chosen are what your student truly needs. Your decisions affect everyone. Please be kind. Do not register to just "hold a spot" until you make your home schooling decisions either. Note: Drop Period- ​For the first 3 classes of a full year class and the first 2 classes of a semester class, your student may drop a class (the minimum weeks must be paid for). Classes must be dropped by midnight of the 2nd class (for semester class) or by midnight of the 3rd class (for full year class). After the trial period, all classes are final and payment must be made for the remainder of the class session (either the full year or semester). All classes are based on final enrollment. We try to make final decisions by the end of July to allow time to purchase curriculum. JupiterEd.com is the website we use to maintain class rosters, teacher communication and homework assignments. Upon completion of Registration, the Registrar will issue you a password for the student portal and the parent portal. You may go in there to see your student’s enrollment.


  • Cash/Checks may be made payable to KDO Academy and paid at the front desk.
  • You may use bill pay through your bank. Make checks payable to KDO Academy, but mail them to KDO Academy, 2536 Eastern Blvd, Unit 131, York, PA 17402.
  • Be sure your student’s name is on the check!
  • Classes are charged per week and the rate per week is noted on the course description. A full year class is 32 weeks and a semester class is 16 weeks. To figure your tuition amount, take whatever class(es) you are selecting, per student, times the weekly amount (either year or semester). Note: We invoice per semester but you may pay weekly or monthly as long as your account does not fall two weeks behind.
  • Texts and required supplies are purchased by the parents prior to the start of class(es) and are listed with the course description. Some classes offer book rental, if this option is available, instructions will be listed with the course description.
  • Lab and Material fees are paid directly to the teacher on the first day of class. Please do not make the checks payable to KDO Academy for lab fees.
  • Payment is expected regardless of attendance . Keep in mind that our teachers are paid using your tuition payment, so promptness is appreciated!
  • If your account balance is more than two weeks behind and arrangements have not been made with administration, access to the online grading system will be withheld until your account balance is current. You may be asked to withdraw your student if late payment persists. You will still be obligated to pay KDO Academy for the classes you have chosen.
  • If any outstanding payment is due at the end of the year, access to the online grading system will be withheld until payment is made. You will also not be allowed to register your student again at KDO until your payment is made in full.
  • Note: The fee for bounced/returned checks is $25.


• Students will be on time for class, and they are expected to participate in a positive manner. We understand the parent has the final authority in the child’s education, but please be considerate of the classroom experience for others. When your student does not do the work as assigned or participate, it does cause issues for the teachers and other students.
Late fee:
• A late fee of $5 will be charged for any student not picked up by 3:45pm

Safety/Sign In

Students must sign themselves in and out. KDO Academy is not responsible for students once they sign out and leave the building during class hours. The sign in sheet allows us to know who is in the building in case of fire, and other liability reasons. Please make sure your student understands the need for this policy.
* We are not responsible for students who leave the premises. It is up to you, the parent, to be sure your student understands your wishes and obeys them.
WEAPONS: Do not bring any weapon onto the KDO Academy property. This includes any sharp object that can be used to hurt another or any type of gun . We are responsible to care for one another. Any said object found will be held at the front desk, and a parent will be notified.

Responsibilities of Students

• Display integrity in the keeping of your word, speaking the truth, and showing up to class on time.
• Do your own work. Any cheating will be handled at the teacher’s discretion.
• Accept guidance and correction from adults in charge of classes and activities.
• Respect other students by not speaking ill of or putting down others. Part of that respect is no foul, abusive, course, or sexual language, which includes cruel, course, or crude joking that is not befitting of the Christian life will not be tolerated. Harassment of any kind or bullying of another student will not be permitted. All behavior must be above reproach. Please carefully read the anti-bullying policy as bullying will not be tolerated.
• Gestures that are obscene, offensive, derogatory or disrespectful will result in disciplinary action.
• Understand we have a hands off policy. No student should be placing their hands on another student for any reason. If it is annoying, harassing, demeaning, hurtful, excessive, romantically affectionate, or sexual, it will not be tolerated.
• Not possess any impure or suggestive literature, writing, symbols, drawings, recordings (audio or video). Distribution of such will result in a penalty up to and including removal from KDO Academy.
• Disrespectful behaviors that include rebelliousness, circumventing procedures, which include by-passing the school-home communication process, defacing property, posturing and similar forms of protest, disrespect of students, teachers or staff members will not be tolerated.
• To do the work by the due date. In cases of absences, it is the students’ responsibility to get the work to the teacher. Late homework assignments will not be accepted if handed in later than two weeks past the original due date (unless arrangements have been made with the teacher in advance). It is expected that the student will have their homework completed for the individual success of the student, and the flow of the class. If a student has not completed the homework, it is the parent’s duty as the head of the student's education to discuss with the teacher an alternate plan. If no plan has been discussed, then a 0 is acceptable for the assignment. Teachers can only grade on what they see.
• To responsibly keep all class materials. The teachers’ will provide one copy per student. If additional copies are needed there will be an additional $5 copy charge; please be respectful of the teachers’ time.
• Use good study habits and be ready to participate and be cooperative for the best learning scenario to take place. (Yes, it is obvious if your student is waiting until the night before to do homework!) The teacher reserves the right to use the discipline policy if the lack of homework causes issues within the class.
• Remain within designated boundaries of the church. You may NOT use areas of the church/premises that have not been designated for our use. This also applies to neighboring properties.
• Respect the church and the leadership by not wandering the halls and by keeping noise levels down.
• Not sit in the parking lot unattended, and to be in a class, study hall, or off the church premises. Hanging out in the restrooms, stairwells, or gym is strictly prohibited!
• Not possess, use or solicit for/or sell legal or illegal drugs or alcohol, on the church property either inside or outside of the building. No Smoking, Vaping, Juuling, etc permitted on the church property either inside or outside of the building.
• Follow teachers’ policies concerning cell phones & watches for each class. Students caught cheating in anyway will be disciplined according to the teachers’ discretion.

School Work / Grading Policy

• Be aware of how each teacher will be grading their students. The teacher can only grade on what he/she sees in class, or receives as homework. The final grade may be changed by the parent, if the parent believes more/less work occurred at home.
• Any concerns need to be addressed with the teacher first. It is the parent’s responsibility to make the teacher aware of any educational concerns you may have about your student.
• Student will be given a percentage grade at the end of each quarter, and one at the end of the year. It is up to the parent to determine the letter grade for that percentage.
• Parents must log into JupiterEd.com to see your students’ grades and assignments. All grading/communication/assignments will be handled through the online grading system.
• Teachers are available during the week to help with class assignments through JupiterEd. That said, we request that you respect the teacher’s time. If a student requires more than a short phone call or communique through the online grading system to handle a question, then please respect the teacher by setting up a tutoring time and making payment as set up by the teacher. We are blessed by our staff, and we want to safeguard their time.
• Students who drop classes will be dropped from JupiterEd. Once dropped, the grades will not be kept. Be sure you print off what you need before you drop the course.
• Student’s final grades will be on JupiterEd at the end of the school year. It is the parents’ responsibility to print the grades off. The grades are NOT kept by KDO Academy, and cannot be retrieved after June 30 th of the currently completed school year.

Communication Policy

"Mailboxes" are located in the lobby area. There are folders with family and teachers' names. This is for communication and graded class work. Please be sure to check your folder weekly. We are not responsible for things left behind. Communications from the teachers are placed in your folder or through JupiterEd.com. You may contact teachers through the "mailboxes" or JupiterEd.com. Homework assignments will be listed on JupiterEd.com. It is the student's responsibility to check it weekly, and have the assigned homework done for class. In addition to "mailboxes", we rely heavily on email communication. You will be added to the email list upon completed Registration. Please check your email regularly for any updates or announcements. We use the REMIND text system for weather delays or emergency closings. To enroll, text @kdo1 to 81010.

Cancellation Policy

KDO Academy has three built-in emergency cancellation days (this is for anytime KDO has to close unexpectedly) for Bridge and High School students. The parents will continue to pay, and the teachers will keep the students moving forward in their school work through the online grading system. For snow cancellations, listen for York County School of Technology on Queen St. If they cancel, we cancel. If they delay an hour of two, first period ONLY starts at 9:00am; all other classes start at the regular times. If there are any other changes in schedule, notice will be posted on the front page of the website. Should there be an emergency closing during KDO hours, parents will be texted through REMIND. We ask that high school students call parents, and if they do not have a cell phone, please ask the teacher or at the front desk. It is expected that parents will be available at all times to pick up a student, or have a backup plan the teacher is aware of. KDO uses Remind.com to send text messages alerting of any closings or cancellations. To sign up for Remind: text: @kdo1 to number: 81010

Dress Code

*Students are asked to use discretion in their clothing choices. Modest clothing reflecting Christ and showing respect toward other students and teachers is expected. These are the guidelines: 1. Refrain from wearing jeans that have rips/holes/fraying higher than the natural finger tip length. 2. If you wear spandex pants, your hips must be covered. 3. Girls may not wear tops with spaghetti straps, shirts off the shoulders, deep V collar, or expose parts of the body that do not need to be seen, including the midriff. 4. Short shorts or skirts are not permitted. Please keep skirts and shorts to around the knee. 5. Guys and gals must wear all shoulder straps at least 3” wide. 6. The armpit of the sleeve must be in the arm pit, not revealing the body.

Discipline Policy for Bridge/High School

• 1 st offense: Speak to the student.
• 2 nd & 3 rd offense: An e-mail, or notice through the online grading system, will be sent to the parent notifying them of the behavior.
• 4 th offense: Teacher will speak face to face with the parent.
• Board members will be aware of the issue by the third offense, or as the teacher feels necessary. Student will be suspended from the program for the day. If issue cannot be resolved, then student will be dropped from the program. Payment will be made regardless of attendance.
Disciplinary Suspension is designed to alert the student and the parent to areas of his or her life that need attention. Students may be placed on suspension by the recommendation of the staff, with approval of the Administrator, for a specified period of time for actions which include, but are not limited to, continued disobedience, continued or persistent rebellious attitude, negative influence on other students, or committing a serious breach of conduct.
A conference with the student and his or her parents will be held at the beginning of the suspension to discuss the reasons for the suspension. Teachers who wish to participate in the conference may do so, but per policy are not required. Continued poor performance by the student may result in expulsion.
The following violations will result in immediate suspension:
• The use and/or possession of tobacco, alcohol, or legal/illegal drugs
• Immoral sexual conduct
• Possession of weapons and/or dangerous items
• Flagrant disrespect and/or disobedience
• The possession and/or distribution of pornographic materials and information
• Vandalism
• Terroristic threats, even in jest

Plagerism Policy

Students must: • Not plagiarize any of their writing assignments. Students caught plagiarizing will be disciplined and graded according to the teachers’ discretion. Plagiarizing is theft and punishable by law in the real world when the students leave school. They will be expelled from college for such behavior. If a student is caught plagiarizing the following steps will take place:
o Step 1: First offense- the teacher discusses with the students-Make an electronic copy of plagiarized work including notation of party that is plagiarized and source where it was taken. It is up to the teacher if they allow the student to redo the work.
o Step 2: Second offense-An email, including the plagiarized paper and the source, is sent to the parent, student and liaison on one email, informing them of the plagiarism and indicating the seriousness of the offense, reminding them of the plagiarism policy, which is, if there is another offense, further disciplinary action, up to termination from KDO Academy, and letting the family know that the Board has been informed.
o Step 3: A meeting will be set up with the parents, student and the board members to communicate the seriousness of the offense and disciplinary measures up to termination from the KDO program.
*If students are, not following the guidelines, then disciplinary action will be taken as deemed necessary, which may include immediately calling their parents or up to a possible suspension.

Anti Bullying Policy

KDO Academy Bullying Policy and Guidelines KDO Academy recognizes that a learning environment needs to be physically and emotionally safe and secure for all students, promote Godliness and good citizenship and support academic achievement. To protect all the students God has given to us at KDO Academy we prohibit acts of bullying, harassment, and other forms of aggression and violence. We want it understood that our students will conduct themselves in a Godly manner that edifies and lifts each other up. Passive support of bullying by bystanders will also not be permitted. Students who are aware of these bullying characteristics are expected to notify staff. The actual or perceived tearing down of another individual will not be tolerated. KDO is responsible for behaviors that happen during our operating hours, as well as students that are on a KDO Academy designated field trip. Definition "Bullying" is conduct that meets all of the following criteria: Is reasonably perceived as being dehumanizing, intimidating, hostile, humiliating, threatening, or otherwise likely to evoke fear of physical harm or emotional distress. Is an act that is repeated Is directed at one or more pupils, and interferes with the educational benefits Is conveyed through physical, verbal, written, technological or emotional means Is based on the actual or perceived understanding of bullying characteristics It is, but not limited to: unwanted teasing, threatening, intimidating, stalking, physical violence, theft, sexual/religious/or racial harassment, public humiliation, destruction of property, social exclusion, coercion, rumor spreading of falsehoods or truths, or retaliation against individuals who report any behaviors under this policy. Elementary Consequences: Offense 1: At the discretion of the teacher a lesson on understanding bullying behavior will take place. Teacher will help the student understand that actual or perceived offenses lead to breaks in relationships. It is our duty as Christians to live at peace with each other as much as it is possible for us to do so. (Romans 12:17-19) This first step is to give the child a chance to correct their behavior, and bring understanding into their hearts and lives. Offense 2: Student reminded of bullying policy. Student will be asked to write a letter of apology to the offended student during the lunch/recess period. Parent will be notified at the end of the day of offenses, and given a copy of the letter the child wrote. Teacher will send out a general reminder to parents to talk about bullying with their children. Offense 3: Temporary suspension. Parent will be asked to deal with the behavior, and report back to the teacher with the steps taken. Remember, fees are paid to KDO Academy regardless. Offense 4: Student's enrollment will be terminated. Future enrollment will be at the discretion of the board. Parents are responsible for payment on the tuition for remaining portion of the year. High School Consequences: Offense 1: At the discretion of the staff member that is made aware of incident a lesson on understanding bullying behavior will take place. Teacher will help the student understand that actual or perceived offenses leads to breaks in relationships. It is our duty to live in peace with each other as much as it is possible (Romans 12:17-19), and to lift up and edify one another. Teacher must notify board and parents at this point. Offense 2: Temporary suspension. Parent will be asked to leave student home for one week, in order to deal with the behavior, and report back to the teacher steps taken to correct behavior. Remember, fees are paid to KDO Academy regardless. Offense 3: Student enrollment will be terminated. Parents are responsible for payment on tuition for remaining year. Reenrollment for the next year will be at the discretion of the board. Parents may request a meeting with the board with this clear understanding: Any letters written to the board about the incidences will be the sole property of the KDO Academy Board. The board will use their discretion in sharing the actual or perceived accusations that have been made to protect all involved. We ask that you come with an open mind that none of us are perfect, and that we are all working towards the goal of raising Godly children. The board holds the right to determine if there is a need to reconvene the meeting for any reason. The teacher will not be present in any meeting. The board will have already taken steps to determine the actions of the teacher. The staff and board of KDO Academy hold the right to use their discretion in handling bullying behaviors depending on the severity level since behaviors and student’s understandings can vary, and other criteria make it necessary for us to discern what is best for our community of students. It is our goal to bring healing to broken relationships, and all will be done to achieve that goal. We strive to honor our Lord and Savior in all that we do.

Students Driving

• In the event that students will be driving themselves to class, extreme caution is to be used in the parking lot area. Please keep safety in mind as you enter and exit the parking lot area.
• Any damage caused by drivers will be paid for by the driver’s car insurance. It is your responsibility as the driver to handle the details.
• There are cameras & anyone speeding through parking lots will be caught.

Social Media Responsibility

• "KDO Academy will not tolerate from students any talk of or posting on social media or written communication of:
-threats or warnings to hurt another person(s)
-threats or warnings about hurting oneself
-threats or warnings to damage church property in any manner
Expressing to harm another or church property will be considered a threat. Threats may be spoken, written, or gestured. They may be direct or indirect and may not be communicated to the intended victim or victims. Threats or warnings will be taken seriously, and will be handled in a proper manner. A Christ-like response to those around you is expected at all times. Policy violations may result in discipline up to and including termination of enrollment. If student's enrollment is terminated; full balance of KDO tuition will be expected to be paid in full. "

Study Hall

• Study hall students may converse quietly in study hall. The students must respect the monitor. Students must keep in mind that there are those students studying!
• Students may bring cell phones to KDO Academy. They may use them during study hall to text only. We have had students texting answers to others, which is unacceptable, and will be disciplined according to the teachers’ discretion.


• Students will need to pack a lunch if they have classes over the noon hour. Keep in mind we do not have refrigeration/microwave available. Students are welcome to come early, or stay later, in order to participate in the high school lunch from 11:50-12:15. We want to help develop healthy relationships among our students.
• Once a month we hold a special lunch our students may participate in. Throughout the year, a variety of different lunches will be offered for sale. These will be announced in the weekly e-mails.
• A snack cart is also available should your student forget his/her lunch, or want something extra. It is between you (the parent) and your student to determine if they can or should eat what is there. The lunch ladies cannot monitor. If your student has allergies, be sure your student knows what is safe for them to eat, and what is not.

Class Withdrawal Policy

• Yearlong classes : you have three class periods to decide if this class will work for your student. If you withdraw after the three classes, you are financially responsible for the remaining year’s payment. Classes must be dropped by midnight of the third class day. Payment is still expected for the first three class periods.
• Semester classes : you have two class periods to decide if the class will work for your student. If you withdraw after the two classes, you are financially responsible for the remaining semester’s payment. Classes must be dropped by midnight of the second class day . Payment is still expected for the two class periods .

Illness Policy

• Students may not attend if they are sick or are experiencing any of the following symptoms:
• Colored mucus
• Diarrhea, vomiting or nausea (within last 24 hours)
• Eye drainage to include pink eye or any type of eye infection.
• Virus or infection (Ex- sore/strep throat, cold, flu)
• Rashes (contagious)
• Head lice
• Fever (within last 24 hours ‐ non medicated)
• Please keep in mind that this policy is essential for the health and protection of all of our students, staff, and families.