Available Positions

Head of Set up

1. Come in at 7:30 am, before KDO starts in the morning. 2. Organize set up crew with jobs. Once this is done, each week they will know what to do. 3. Make sure snack cart and mailboxes are set up. 4. Be sure rooms are set up to teacher specifications. Diagrams provided. 5. Do a final walk through to be sure all is correct and teachers have what they need.

Cleaning Crew

1. Be at your assigned time by 2:30 or 3:30, depending on your assigned slot. 2. Depending on room: A. You can tear down tables B. Wipe down all tables C. Pull out chairs and vacuum. D. Wipe down all boards E. Take out trash F. Put back in storage room any KDO items G. Be sure room is left as the church requests. Diagrams provided. 3. Put all cleaning items back by storage room.

Set up Crew

1. Follow directions given for each room assigned A . Set up tables and chairs. B. Make sure rooms get monitors, white boards, or special needed items. C. Diagrams for each room is provided.

Head of Lunch Time

1. Be there 10 minutes ahead of lunch. 2. Keep order during lunch, no kids leave the lunch room. 3. Be sure only two go to the bathroom at a time. Passes are used. 4. Help elementary open lunch items, if necessary. 5. Wipe down the tables after lunch is over. 6. Sweep the floor. 7. Help with dispensing special lunches once a month. 8. (BE OBSERVANT!!!) 9. You must have volunteer clearances per the law!

Lunch Parent

1. Be there 10 minutes early. 2. Supervise with Head of Lunch. 3. Keep order in the lunch room. (BE OBSERVANT!!) 4. You must have volunteer clearances per the law!

Yearbook Chair

1. Take or collect all pictures and track information. 2. Get Senior information, baby pic, and senior pic to format Senior pages. 3. Get staff pics to set up page. 4. Create and design a 40 page book that will be special for years to come! 5. Handle all correspondence with Yearbook Co.

YHSA Curriculum Chair

1. Must be friendly and excited about KDO! 2. Collect the items needed from storage room the week before. 3. Set up the table as per YHSA's directions/timetable. 4. Be there during the fair to answer any questions. 5. Tear down the items, and bring back to KDO safely for next year.

Head of Lunch Specials

1. Set up special lunches. (Decide what and when they will be.) 2. Create sign in sheets and give two weeks in advance to front desk. 3. Organize sign-ins so that lunches can be dispensed quickly. 4. Call in order, and pick it up. 5. Dispense lunches to proper students. 6. You must have volunteer clearnces per the law!

Head of Cleaning: (This is split to two positions. You must work alongside your other half.)

1. Set up cleaning volunteer schedule. Names and e-mails will be supplied to you. 2. By 2:30 all cleaning supplies must be set out for staff. Cleaning directions included. 3. Once the rooms/bathrooms have been put back in order, the head person must double check and mark credits. Credits only go to those who have cleaned correctly. --Once a room is complete door must be shut and lights off. 4. Collect the rags for washing and put fresh rags out properly. 5. Final run through of building to be sure nothing was missed. Generally out by 3:45 to 4pm at the latest.

Front Desk

1. Serves from 8:15 am to 11:45 am or 11:45 am to 2:30 pm. 2. Takes in all payments, make sure they are signed in correctly. 3. Handles any special funds. 4. Answer questions, or makes sure Director gets the question to answer. 5. Keeps an eye on activity at all times watching those coming and going. 6. Must be friendly and welcoming! 7. You must have volunteer clearances per the law!


1. Subs must be qualified for the position. This means you have training/experience/and a big love of the subject you want to sub in. 2. We have lab or assistant positions available. 3. You must have clearances and fingerprinting done in order to work with the students per the law.