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KDO Volunteers
It takes MANY hands to make KDO function smoothly. Every big job and every little job makes the wheels of this program turn. Please prayerfully consider what you can do to help. As you work a position, we offer discounts towards your tuition. We do not guarantee you can work off all your tuition, as we must serve the whole community. This is meant to be a help to families AND allow the program to run smoothly. We are grateful for those that step forward to help!

Things to know:

1. If you are working directly with the students, you MUST have your volunteer clearances. Please be sure you obtain those before KDO begins. Clearance forms can be found here.

2. If you are working around students or parents, you must have a friendly demeanor and represent KDO with Christian respect towards others.

3.  By signing up for one of our positions you affirm you agree with KDO's Policy and Guidelines and are willing to uphold them. Any infraction against our policy or with a student will result in dismissal from your position. The Policy and Guidelines are found here.

4. Each job is described below; you may choose one or up to three.

5. Most jobs are worked weekly, some are occasional, please be sure you read carefully what you are signing up for.

6. Email Bonnie at if you have questions.

7. Set up and tear down are great jobs for responsible self motivated high school students to apply for!

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