Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked questions???



Where do I find out information on classes?

You may find us at


What exactly is KDO Academy?

KDO Academy is a resource to homeschool families. We meet once a week in order to come alongside the homeschool program that the parent has set up for their student. We meet on Thursdays only, and therefore can not be the end all when it comes to teaching the student.


What does KDO Academy High School do?

Students attend desired classes and are tutored in the specific subjects. The teacher gives the homework weekly, and grades assignments. We are there to help facilitate a broader understanding of a subject. Our goal is for the student to gain classroom/group experience with labs and presentations.


What does KDO Academy Elementary do?

In elementary we use the unit study approach. Mom can teach the basics at home, but this allows for the student to gain experiences in group activities, presentations, basic group behavior, and also to enjoy doing projects, parties, special days, recess, eating in a cafeteria, making friends, etc. Things that kids find important!


What grades are elementary and what grades are included in high school?

-We consider 1st through 6th grade elementary.

-High School is technically 7th grade and on up; these are individual classes.


What are Bridge classes? I don’t know what that term means.

Bridge classes are individual classes that are geared to the 7th and 8th grade student.  The classes allow the student to learn how to get weekly homework, have things graded, follow a schedule, and be able to meet deadlines. These classes may be taken by 9th-12th grade student if the parents feel the subject is necessary for their student. Extra work can be given by the teacher, per the parent’s request. We use the term Bridge so students know they are bridging over to better things!


Can my 7th grader take the high school level courses?

Although we have had a few students who were emotionally and socially ready for the upper high school courses, on the whole this age student is not. We will allow 8th graders to take some of the upper level courses with teacher approval. The teacher has the final say. If the student isn’t ready, then you will have to choose something else that is available. Waiting to find out, may limit your options, and keeps the space from someone else who does need the course. Please consider carefully!


How do I decide which courses my student will need?

We have color coded the Bridge/High School classes in order to help facilitate level. You will find a key on our website that recommends what classes should be taken at which grade level. Obviously, you know your student the best, but we can help guide you if you have questions.  E-mail for our High School Liaison is on our contact page on the website.


How will my student be graded?

-Elementary students are NOT graded! They are learning the basics of life, and it’s pressure they don’t need. We want them to enjoy the KDO experience!

-High school/Bridge students are graded on the homework, class participation, projects, and will be given quarterly report cards. The grades are in percentages. Each diploma program/parent must decide what letter value the percentage holds. Teachers can only grade on what they see on Thursdays, and homework handed in. The parent knows what is happening at home, and should be monitoring the broader picture as the facilitator of the homeschool program. Ultimately it is up to the parent to decide what the final grade will be. The grades are for your benefit.


What happens if we need to miss a day of KDO?

It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to contact the teacher for the homework prior to when they will miss. We are trying to prepare students for college, and teach responsibility.


How will I contact the teachers?

The teachers may be contacted through JupiterEd. The student will have their own log in, and the parent will receive their own log in after registration is complete. This is our main source of communication!


Do I pay if I miss a day?

Yes, you do need to pay. The teachers are there and available, and you are paying for your slot. KDO has up to three snow days built in. The teachers will keep the students moving with homework, and interaction through JupiteEd. If a high school teacher is out sick, and we do not have enough time to find a sub, then the high school teacher will work by JupiterEd to keep your student up to task. We do our best to have a sub in the classroom that will keep the pace of the lessons though.


How may I pay?

We prefer monthly, but we want KDO to be do-able for our families financially. Please pay however that works for your family’s budget. The only thing we ask is that you do not fall two weeks behind. Should you fall behind, it is your responsibility to contact the Administration. If you do not, then you will be locked out of Engrade until payment is made. Elementary students may be asked to not return until payment is made. After three weeks, your spot may be given to someone else.


I’ve heard about the “credits” families can earn. What are these?

You may earn credits by cleaning, lunch helper, or filling one of the available positions. This is a way to barter for $’s off your tuition, and it helps us run the program with many hands helping! Those helping are eligible for early registration the next year.


How do I register?

Go to to register. Please follow the steps outlined on the website.


How will I know my registration is complete?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail from the registrar. The time stamp of your registration will determine your spot in a class. First come, first served. To keep that spot you must have all four forms completed! See the website for further information.

Registration     Policy & Guidelines     Medical Forms      Payment


How can I meet the teacher?

We have an Open House at the end of each school year before registration. Please come and see what we offer, and hear from our staff of highly qualified teachers!


What if I have more questions?

Please use the contact information on the website. You may find out on the contact page which person may have the best answer to your question! We are here to help you!