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To attend class, please read through the Elementary Policies and Guidelines of KDO to be sure you are in agreement and complete the following forms found on the forms page: 

Elementary Registration, Medical Form AND Safety Form.

Your registration is complete when all forms and registration payment are received.

                                                 Ready to get started? Check out all of our elementary classes here!

KDO Academy seeks excellence in learning for our elementary students. Hands on learning happens from the perspective of God as Author. Let your student experience each lesson as it unfolds!   


Our elementary program is Kindergarten through Sixth grades. Classes meet every Thursday from 9:30- 2:30pm. 

Our approach to learning is very "hands on".  Students retain so much more when they engage with the topic. The students at KDO Academy may take trails west in the Westward Expansion, relive the Middle Ages with knights, experience a Chinese parade, tour through the rain-forests to find creatures there, explore outer space, or take a tour of all 50 states within the year!  Students get to play group games, complete projects, give presentations, and engage in so many ways! Parents have the opportunity to use the classroom lesson at home and explore even more. A weekly newsletter is sent to parents in order to communicate the information they will need for enrichment. Have your own curriculum? That’s okay too!  Great learning, great fun, all while making great friends!




Tuition and Fees due:

A non-refundable registration fee- 

>K-6th grade-$60/student; includes access to our online school system

  •  These fees cover registration, cleaning fee, admin, and the weekly newsletters and communications. (See Contacts)

  •  Families may earn credits through volunteering. See Available Positions page for more information.

  • Tuition Rates found on the Elementary Course page.


-K-6th grades use KDO's online school system to maintain class rosters, teacher communication, online quizzes and homework assignments (if applicable).  Upon completion of Registration, the Registrar will issue you a password for the student portal and the parent portal.  You may go in there to see your student’s enrollment. 

All correspondence will be done through the online school system. If you need to give the teacher anything, all teachers and staff have a folder in the mail bins located in the front foyer.



It takes many hands to make KDO Academy function! See Available Positions tab for more information on how you can help! Those that help earn credits towards tuition, and if you fill five slots, you may register the following year early and ahead of the crowd!



Students must pack a non-refrigerated lunch each week. 

Once a month, we offer a special lunch opportunity. Student may sign up at the front desk if interested. 

Each week, we also offer a snack cart filled with snacks of various kinds. (Please make us aware of any allergies!)​​​​

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