Elementary Courses

Kindergarten: Expanding Our Horizons - "GO" [Max Capacity]

Teacher: Beth Whitmarsh Rainbows and reptiles and robots, oh my! There are so many amazing things in the world around us and even more amazing people to share those things with! So let's get to know each other! Together we'll explore God's world and our role in it through fun and exciting hands-on activities that promote communication, cooperation, mutual respect, empathy, self-discipline, problem solving and age appropriate academic skills. Run, jump or skip to join us! I can't wait to meet you! Activity Fee: The activity fee for Kindergarten is $35.00. Your child's teacher will send a classroom welcome letter and will include how and when these fees will be collected. Is your child ready? Click here for requirements

1st Grade: Animals in God's Creation - "GO" [Max Capacity]

Teacher: Amy Boogher Did you know that Polar Bears actually have black skin? Grab your binoculars and come explore God's incredible creation with us! We will become little scientists as we investigate all different types of animals. We will learn about their habitats, life cycles, needs, and adaptions. Be sure to bring your curiosity and questions along for the extraordinary experiments and amazing adventures that lie ahead! Activity Fee: The activity fee for 1st grade is $35.00. Your child's teacher will send a classroom welcome letter and will include information about the materials fee. Is your child ready? Click here for requirements

2nd Grade: Time Travelers - "GO" [Max Capacity]

Teacher: Katie Dillard Hola! Come travel the world with us as we learn all about the seven continents and many of the countries within them. This interactive unit will be full of hands on projects as we dig in to different cultures. We will be learning about what they wear, eat, and live like through different materials. So pack your bags and come travel along with us as we learn about the amazing world that God has made! Activity Fee: The activity fee for 2nd grade is $35.00. Your child's teacher will send a classroom welcome letter and will include how and when these fees will be collected.

3rd & 4th Grade: PA History - "GO"

Teachers: Laura Page and Donielle Mann We are going on an exciting adventure through time as we study Pennsylvania History. We will study the Native Americans that lived here, William Penn, and the role that Pennsylvania had in the Civil War. Plus many other interesting facts about Pennsylvania. We will be doing many hands-on activities, crafts and a taste test you don’t want to miss! Come join us for a wonderful ride through Pennsylvania History!! Activity Fee: The activity fee for 3rd/4th grade is $35.00. Your child's teacher will send a classroom welcome letter and will include how and when these fees will be collected.

5th & 6th Grade: Ancient Civilizations and the Bible - "GO" [Max Capacity]

Teachers: Erin Pearce and Jamie Menges History and the Bible come alive in our 5th and 6th grade class as we study through Mystery of History, Volume 1. Our study of history will start at the dawn of Creation and conclude at the life of Jesus Christ. We will wonder at God’s design in Creation and the Fall, study the catastrophe of the Flood, discover the variety of people groups, and observe the unfolding of God’s plan for His chosen people. We will explore the interconnected story of the Bible and history as we look at kingdoms of the ancient Egyptians, Assyrians and Babylonians, Israelites, Medes and Persians, Greeks and Romans. The Egyptian Festival, Greek Festival, and Roman Market Day are highlights in our year of learning. Our class enjoys learning through creating, designing, discussing, debating, roleplaying, reenacting, illustrating, researching, reporting, and much more. Our days center on history and branch out to include art, science, Bible, literature, geography, drama, music, architecture, and creative writing designed to engage students of all learning styles. At-home work is provided in the 5th/6th class. The assignments are leveled and scalable, with the intention of providing you the ideal amount of support you desire for your educational objectives. Some at-home reading (or listening to the audio version) from our class text is built into the expectations for the class. The elementary KDO teachers do not assign grades for the work completed and the parent maintains the level of involvement in the learning process they see fit. KDO is designed to be a service to your homeschooling journey. Parents may choose one of two “levels” that best suit their student and is scaleable at the parent’s discretion. The Foundation option for your student accomplishing 30 min. /wk of preparation for class to provide a basis for steady in-class dialog and momentum. The Grow option for your student accomplishing 2-3 hrs. /wk of preparation for class to provide a fuller history experience, meeting many history objectives. The student should need only limited parental involvement in their weekly assignments. Text requirements: Mystery of History, Volume 1 Second Edition ISBN: 189242729X-Paperback OR ISBN-13: 9780615375663-Audio CD's (Great for the auditory learner) *Families with two students in class need ONLY ONE TEXT or CD set PER FAMILY

5th Period: Elementary Science (Grades 5th & 6th):  Jr. Anatomy - "GO"

Instructor: Christa Miller; $7.00/wk

Put on your lab coats and get ready to discover more about how we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Through hands-on activities and projects, we will learn about our bodies and how they work. We begin by investigating cells, the building blocks of life. Then we’ll explore different body systems like the skeletal system, muscular system, digestive system, etc. Along the way students will learn fascinating facts about nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and genetics.

Students will build a science journal including their own drawings of body systems, important facts, key terms, and details that we learned in class.

Text requirement:

Young Explorer Series Exploring Creation with Anatomy and Physiology, ISBN 978-1-935495-14-7

Material Fee:

$10 per student; paid directly to the teacher at the beginning of the year.